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Inveniam Capital Partners has built the tools that are facilitating the digitization of the private markets. These foundational software tools and enable asset owners to use digital proof-of-ownership to organize and control their own data for use in distributed, data-driven, financial transactions. Asset owners choose which tools they will utilize to expose their data for pricing, as well as credit, risk, and portfolio assessments, and both primary and secondary trading. The same way the internet has transformed commerce, the distributed ledger will transform the capital markets. Using our software this will bring public market-like performance to private assets:

  • Real-time NAV pricing.
  • Better, fresher, efficient diligence
  • Secondary markets
  • Higher values

These benefits had been impossible to achieve for private assets given incomplete, untrustworthy data that requires significant diligence of the performance data of the assets–until the launch of the
serves customers
at the intersection of:

  • Capital Markets
  • Distributed Ledger (DLT)
  • Big Data is a SaaS platform where:

  • Financial professionals digitize securities
  • DLT captures & validates data
  • Securities connect ownership to data

Powering Data-Driven Investing for Private Markets and Real Estate
Digitizing Data-Rich, Seldom-Traded Assets

The Future of Global Digital Financial Instruments – Powering data-driven investing for private markets and real estate assets

The data ecosystem supplies the provenance for all data from origination, structuring, distribution, and performance of the instrument and the asset. This digital proof of ownership becomes the organizing principle for the data deluge in a data-rich world. utilizes the trust of the distributed ledger to authenticate that data through the life of the asset, and to facilitate the ability to commute that trust in transactions between buyer and seller in real-time.

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The platform is a tool for Capital Markets professionals to more efficiently create, document and distribute information-rich digital financial instruments (DFI) for the private capital markets on a more standardized basis and with more standardized data. uses distributed ledger technology (DLT) to connect notarized data to digital tokens, which represent proof of ownership of assets. These tokens also act as the key to unlock access to all the DFI’s documentation. Utilizing DLT, provides the ability to track and notarize the performance of the underlying asset and the DFI, validate the data using a simple AI algorithm against like assets, and to report on a short interval basis if the data is within standard deviation.

This tracking of the operational and experiential performance of the underlying asset is combined with the reporting of the financial and legal performance. These continual audits are the foundation for real-time pricing, risk assessment, and credit evaluation of illiquid private assets. facilitates the ability for financial professionals to socialize and market private deals, relate asset and transaction performance against other like assets, and to settle and clear trades far more efficiently than is currently possible. Moreover, the platform provides asset holders the capability to hold private illiquid assets on their balance sheets with greater clarity as to their market value and capital at risk.

We have tokenized over $100m in real estate, equity, and debt since early 2018

First commercial tokenization of debt on February 26, 2018

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