The Inveniam platform features corporate fixed income offerings from middle market companies across a wide range of industries. We have growing relationships among small to medium sized businesses and an extensive network of those professionals who serve them. As traditional sources of finance continue to withdraw from the market, we are stepping in with purpose and confidence. Our mission is to serve the increasingly underserved, but critical contributors to the economy and the well-being of society: the builders of businesses and the generators of economic opportunity.
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Businesses Advisers:

Inveniam helps clients maximize enterprise value. Finance is an expression of a larger strategy for a company which we can help management review, shape and execute. We understand the various circumstances that arise in the life of an organization: Growth and expansion initiatives, acquisitions or divestitures, refinancing and capital structure optimization all have a particular influence on the structure of a financing. Our team is well seasoned in all these exercises and leverages that expertise with an innovative technology platform.
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Professional Service Providers:

Inveniam helps professional service providers in the law, accounting, consulting and finance better serve their clients. We can help provide greater depth of service, advice and ultimately the finance that is the lifeblood of a growing and successful enterprise. Our platform and the marketplace we have created empower a broader community of professionals to thrive in the next evolution of financial markets. We provide them with the means to leverage distributed ledger technology in their work with clients and to become part of a growing and dynamic social network that expands and enhances their value proposition.
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