The Future of Global Digital Financial Instruments

Powering data-driven investing for private markets and real estate instruments


Transforming the structure and operations of middle market finance


Market-Driven and Beta-Tested

Creating assets that the market is buying

  • 12 transactions tokenized to date; $102M in face value
  • 5 transactions in process; $233M in face value

Can settle physically or digitally

Five Stages In The Digital Instrument’s Life Cycle

  • Origination
  • Structuring
  • Distribution
  • Performance
  • Reporting

Which currencies do you accept for these transactions?

Inveniam is able to fund projects utilizing fiat currency or cryptocurrency Current accepted currencies: dollars, euro, BTC, BCH, ETH, LTC, XRP, ADA, EOS. Other currencies may be considered depending on the qualities of the bid.

Accepted currencies are subject to change at any time. Prospective bidders must declare desired currency during the KYC/AML/suitability process.

What if I don’t want to take a token and want to physically settle the transaction instead?

Physical settlement is possible. The partnership interest will still be tokenized and the authorized but unissued tokens will be held in the GP wallet.

Product Modules:

Origination and Structuring:

Market Participants use workflows to model transaction as data to create a digital instrument
Issuers/Investors make asset data high-functioning to inform financial instrument pricing

Distribution: Facilitating Data Driven Marketplaces

Allows Institutional Investors to provide a template for securities they want to buy
The Data Driven basis for financial “dating sites” where assets and investors with “dating profiles” easily find each other.

Performance & Reporting: Physical and Financial

Capturing any aspect of performance relating to comps and pricing
Goal: Assets “ready for sale” every day
Goal: Access to models and markets