The Future of Global Digital Financial Instruments

Powering data-driven investing for private markets and real estate instruments


Transforming the structure and operations of middle market finance


Market-Driven and Tested

Creating assets that the market is buying

  • 12 transactions tokenized to date; $102M in face value
  • 5 transactions in process; $233M in face value

Can settle physically or digitally

Five Stages In The Digital Instrument’s Life Cycle

  • Origination
  • Structuring
  • Distribution
  • Performance
  • Reporting

Product Modules:

Origination and Structuring:

Market Participants use workflows to model transaction as data to create a digital instrument
Issuers/Investors make asset data high-functioning to inform financial instrument pricing

Distribution: Facilitating Data Driven Marketplaces

Allows Institutional Investors to provide a template for securities they want to buy
The Data Driven basis for financial “dating sites” where assets and investors with “dating profiles” easily find each other.

Performance & Reporting: Physical and Financial

Capturing any aspect of performance relating to comps and pricing
Goal: Assets “ready for sale” every day
Goal: Access to models and markets