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Michael Creadon

Director of Sales

As Director of Sales, Mr. Creadon is responsible for expanding outreach efforts to private family offices looking to unlock value from balance sheets through the application of Inveniam’s SaaS offering. He also works closely with leading global exchanges and custodians to further expand the digitization of assets on the Inveniam platform. Additionally, Mr. Creadon is spearheading efforts with Jump Start Africa, a microfinancing charity in Uganda using Inveniam software.

Mr. Creadon spent over 20 years in capital markets serving as CEO of Traditum Group, a proprietary trading firm specializing in U.S. interest-rate trading and energy-market making. As co-founder of the company, he grew the firm to 75 employees with offices in New York and Houston to become one of the most respected midtier prop firms in the industry. Prior to working in the futures and options markets, Mr. Creadon worked as a journalist at TIME, Bloomberg and Voice of America. Today, he continues to blog regularly on LinkedIn and is a widely followed thought leader on blockchain, bitcoin and numerous other topics. In 2019, he worked at DrawBridge Lending on global marketing and sales, and he is a frequent guest on podcasts and speaker at leading blockchain industry events.