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Dr. Richard Swart, PhD

Board and Strategic Advisor

Dr. Richard Swart, PhD, is a board and strategic advisor. He ran a research program on innovation in crowdfunding and platform-based finance at the Institute for Business and Social Impact in UC Berkeley’s Haas Business School and was the director of the Center for Emerging Technologies in the Bill Gates-funded Institute for Money, Technology and Financial Inclusion at UC Irvine.

He has provided expert advice and consultation to the White House National Economic Council, the British Parliament, the World Bank, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and dozens of global universities, think tanks, foundations, banks, governments, funds and family offices. He also sits on several boards and advisory boards for other FinTech, blockchain and AI companies.

Dr. Swart is one of the founders of the Silicon Valley Blockchain Society, a network of institutional investors focused on enterprise level blockchain, with chapters through the United States and in Zug, Switzerland. Members of the network control over $1 trillion USD in AUM. He was nominated as an SDG Impact Fellow, a group of about 100 global impact leaders leading meaningful initiatives to support the UN SDGs. He has lectured on five continents and was made a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts in London in recognition of his work.