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Dr. David Metcalf, PhD

General Partner & Managing Director, Global Blockchain Ventures, LLC, and Director of METIL at UCF

Splitting his time and insights between his work as General Partner and Managing Director for Global Blockchain Ventures, LLC, where he applies his interests in technology advisement, investing, and blockchain enabled applications, and his duties as Director of the Mixed Emerging Technology Integration Lab (METIL) at UCF’s Institute for Simulation and Training, Dr. David Metcalf, PhD, has over 20 years’ experience in the design and research of web-based and mobile technologies converging to enable learning and healthcare.

His team has built mHealth solutions, simulations, games, eLearning, mobile and enterprise IT systems for Google, J&J, VA, U.S. military and UCF’s College of Medicine among others. Recent projects include Lake Nona’s Intelligent Home and transmedia, adaptive learning projects using mobile, AR and sims.

In addition to research and commercial investments, Dr. Metcalf continues to bridge the gap between corporate learning and simulation techniques and non-profit and social entrepreneurship. IoT, blockchain, cybersecurity, simulation, mobilization, mobile patient records and medical decision support systems, visualization systems, scalability models, secure mobile data communications, gaming, innovation management and operational excellence are current research topics.

He is the co-editor/author of HIMSS Blockchain in Healthcare (2019), Blockchain Enabled Applications (2018), Connected Health (2017), HIMSS mHealth Innovation (2014) and the HIMSS best-seller mHealth: From Smartphones to Smart Systems (2012).