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Our Team

Inveniam Capital Partners is a SaaS company providing data integrity and price discovery for low-frequency trading assets (including CRE and high-yield & municipal bonds), using big data, AI and distributed ledger technology (DLT).

Led by a highly skilled and experienced team of financial and technology professionals, Inveniam is providing the foundation for the digitization of the Private Markets. Our work notarizing, validating, and indexing mountains of data will allow real-time pricing of private, seldom traded assets as well as clearer risk management, and other quantitative driven investment strategies into the private markets.

Meet our team and learn how we can help you.

Inveniam Team

Pat O'Meara

Chairman & CEO

Bobby Yablunsky

Executive Vice President

Patrick J. Murphy, CFA

CFO and President, Inveniam Principal Investing, LLC

Kerry Rudy

President and Chief Revenue Officer

Frank Walczak

Global Director, Business Development

Larry Corbett

Chief Operating Officer

Kevin Cuddeback

Chief Data Scientist

John W. Brady


Sean Rutherford

Senior Marketing and Operations Manager

Ben Craig

Senior Advisor, Global Exchanges and ATS

Robert Chronowski

Managing Director, Consulting & Advisory Services

Emma Cummins

Intern, Data Analytics

Jenna Koppinger

Intern, Data Analytics

Andrew O'Meara

Intern, Data Analytics

Max O'Meara

Intern, Data Analytics

Inveniam Board of Advisors

Jeff Bianco

President, Dev.Pro

John G. Bullard

Board Member and Brand Ambassador

Patrick Daugherty

Partner, Foley & Lardner, LLP

Mike Komaransky

Director, Grapefruit Trading

Dr. David Metcalf, PhD

General Partner & Managing Director, Global Blockchain Ventures, LLC, and Director of METIL at UCF

Jim Overdahl, PhD

Partner, Delta Strategy Group, LLC

Joel Padowitz, CFA

Founder and CEO, Palladium Capital Group

Troy A. Paredes

Founder, Paredes Strategies LLC / SEC Commissioner (2008-2013)

Dr. Richard Swart, PhD

Board and Strategic Advisor

Sanjay Vatsa

Partner & Advisor, Princeton Growth Accelerator (PGA) and Partner & Chief Strategy Officer, Global Accelerated Venture

Allen R. Weiss

Board Member, Serial Entrepreneur

Dev.Pro Team

Since our founding, Inveniam has been developing our own proprietary technology and partnering with 3rd parties. In early 2019 we began a partnership with Dev.Pro in creating version 2.0 of our state-of-the-art SaaS platform,

Inveniam is proud to partner with Dev.Pro and their outstanding team of coding, development and management professionals in our ongoing efforts to make a powerful tool to assist capital market professionals as they digitize securities utilizing the power of DLT to model securities as data, not code.

Yurii Kremenchutskiy

Software Developer - Integration Team

Irina Melnichenko

Delivery Manager - Integration Team

Dariia Shynkarenko

Business Analyst - Integration Team

Kostiantyn Dmitriiev

Project Manager - Integration Team

Ruslan Leonov

Project Manager - Integration Team

Dmitry Korol

Software Developer - Integration Team

Maxim Batarchuk

Software Developer - Integration Team

Mykola Borchuk

DevOps - Integration Team

Oleksii Falko

QA Engineer - Integration Team

Yuliia Maksymovych

Software Developer - Chip Team

Alexander Babeshko

Software Developer - Chip Team

Evgeniy Pastushenko

Frontend Developer - Chip Team

Alexey Kubyshkin

Software Developer - Dale Team

Maksym Nazarov

Software Developer - Dale Team

Dmytro Kostin

Blockchain Engineer - Roquefort Team

Valeriy Ilihmetov

Software Developer - Roquefort Team

Valeriy Gladyshev

QA Engineer - QA Team

Dmytro Dzereniuk

QA Engineer - QA Team

Anton Batyuk

UI/UX Designer