Workflows for Investment Services Engine (WISE™)

Powered by its WISE™ systems, makes it possible to model and execute complex financial transactions, capturing information on the performance, construction, and underlying assets of a financial instrument on the distributed ledger, and enabling the listing and trading of private debt on global markets and blockchain exchanges. We create structure in the Reg D and shadow banking market by utilizing the blockchain to enable more efficient trading of mid-market debt. This platform fosters new relationships in the middle market utilizing machine learning and matching technology on the metadata inside the transactions and the behavior of individual investors. This will revolutionize a $700 billion U.S. marketplace and a $1+ Trillion global marketplace and contribute to the transformation of the entire fixed income marketplace.

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Our Platform, branded as “,” provides a high degree of business process automation, coupled with analytics functions and investor facing tools that allow an unprecedented view into investment offerings. Patent pending technologies embedded in the WISE™ system power applications for issuers and investors that assist in the collection of diligence and compliance data, and the creation of deal documentation and information artifacts. The Platform includes integrated workflow support for consulting and advisory processes and provides a standard framework for investment banking activities to take place. The marketplace presents offerings in a standard form with complete access to the diligence materials, offering terms, and projections. Investors are able to also track investments and review up to date metrics from an issuer’s ongoing business activities, compliance reports, and results of C&A activities. Coupled with tight integration to existing distributed ledger technologies, is able to provide a complete, end-to-end view of any complex financial transaction executed on the platform.

Platform Features

The Platform has as its primary purpose to create a safe and secure environment that includes highly automated support for business processes, a rich social environment for connecting investors with companies seeking capital, and dashboards and analytics tools that allow users to interact with each other and the Platform in intuitive, powerful ways. There are four primary user communities leveraging, including investors, our investment banking team and C&A team, members of our Professional Services Network, and the companies seeking capital. The social component’s value cannot be understated as it will foster a dialog between investors with questions, company executives with answers, and our C&A team and Professional Services Network with solutions. The Platform is the backbone that runs through all of these interrelated business processes.

Distributed Ledger Technology Integration

The platform can easily be integrated with global exchanges to enable the listing of private debt issues. When coupled with support for distributed ledger technology (DLT), is able to provide a trusted record of all deal-related transactions, including sales on secondary markets and full visibility into all compliance-related activities. greatly expands the nature of smart contracts on blockchain systems, creating “Regulated Contracts” that represent multiple transactions that may span months or years, over the life of a particular debt issue. Our unique approach to providing long-running trust chains that descend from the trust consensus present on a DLT platform form the basis of our patent filings in this area.

Inveniam Intellectual Property

Inveniam has created numerous industry leading technologies and business processes that comprise its intellectual property portfolio. This portfolio includes proprietary business methods, business processes considered to be trade secrets, proprietary software and information assets, and pending patent applications covering critical software components that are unique to the platform.

The bulk of intellectual property assets relate to the platform and the software and data elements used to implement it. is a custom platform, designed and engineered specifically to support the Inveniam vision for a destination service offering issuers, investors, and banking professionals a collaborative environment for conducting complex financial transactions. The software components used to implement consist of Inveniam-copyrighted software, data, and media. Where appropriate, open source software with appropriate licenses (non-GPL) are incorporated in non-critical areas.