What We Do

Inveniam operates at the intersection of Capital Markets, Blockchain and Big Data. Our work involves capturing the data on data-rich, low-frequency trading assets. To facilitate these efforts, Inveniam has built Inveniam.io, a powerful SaaS technology platform. With Inveniam.io, financial professionals can digitize securities utilizing the power of tokenization and blockchain technology to model these securities as data, not code.

Problems and Solutions

The current middle market structure is inefficient with the majority of capital tied to the coasts and major markets resulting in extremely limited and costly availability of capital for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises.

  • Inveniam is creating the opportunity for capital to flow to illiquid assets by providing timely and accurate risk quantification, validation of data and broad marketing of assets.
  • Inveniam also empowers mid-market bankers and professionals by replacing obsolete tech and relatively limited geographic reach with access to a global deal platform.

Crypto investors are hungry and looking for ways to make their crypto an investable and interest-bearing source of returns unlike the stock market.

  • Inveniam is working to create a secondary market of securities based on alternative assets with access to real-time pricing, where crypto can work like Tier 1 capital.