What We Do

Inveniam Capital Partners is an innovative, digital marketplace that aims to transform the structure and operations of middle market corporate finance and substantially increase the availability of capital for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises. Inveniam has built a powerful technology platform that combines its proprietary Workflows for Investment Services Engine (“WISE”) and the distributed ledger technology of the blockchain to effect that transformation.

The company is also building a network of strategic partnerships, known as our Professional Services Network (“PSN”), with law firms, accounting firms, regional consulting firms and financial institutions to provide substantial deal flow and unique financing opportunities. These financings will be substantially enhanced by being listed as a result of current and future agreements being negotiated with a number of global exchanges and Alternative Trading Systems (ATS), even as the companies in question remain private. Such a regulatory innovation will facilitate broader investor participation in these offerings and enable the development of a more robust secondary market. Indeed, this is the pathway to the tokenization of the fixed income markets.

Culture Built On Integrity. Relationships Built To Last

Inveniam is built to serve the well-being of our clients and partners. As we aim to serve those who put their trust in us, we serve the best interests of our company and our stakeholders. We are the financial platform of the future; first and foremost, the future well-being of our clients and partners. We are building the future of the private credit markets in our application of expertise and technology, but we are doing that to serve the best interests of those who need advice, capital and constructive, long-term professional relationships. Accountability, commitment, integrity and teamwork – these are the hallmarks of our organization.