About Inveniam

Inveniam Capital Partners is laying the foundation for the digitization of the Private Markets at the intersection of the Capital Markets, Blockchain, and Big Data. Our work involves notarizing, validating, and indexing the data in an event series on the blockchain for data-rich assets. This allows real time pricing of private, seldom traded assets as well as risk management, and other quantitative driven investment strategies into the private markets.

Inveniam empowers the move beyond a data base driven world to a data eco-system. We have built Inveniam.io, a powerful SaaS technology platform, to assist financial professionals as they digitize securities utilizing the power of blockchain technology to model securities as data, not code. These notarized and validated, digital twins of the performing assets will allow capital to flow more efficiently to illiquid assets by providing timely and accurate risk quantification, surety of data, and broad marketing of assets.